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Mendham Maker English Wheel

Curving Metal Sheet

Once that inspirational moment has occurred its impossible to let go of how that idea can be made into a real object. Lamps are a fascination for me – they have real use and yet are a statement in any location.

The idea behind the design is English hand built classic cars, especially Aston martin’s DB series. Before modern pressing machinery was developed low volume car body’s where fabricated by hand using a hammer and dollies. The wheeling machine or English wheel was invented to introduce a double curvature into a metal panel.

While designing and making products sometimes you need a tool to produce a part. In this case an English Wheel. I love a challenge and going and buying a wheel could have been an easy but expensive route.

The top wheel and bottom anvil wheels are available from a well know auction website. A trip to the scrapyard yielded the massive 100x100mm 6mm wall box section steel. The huge lead screw was sourced from a ex-mod lorry jack. Construction was relatively simple and only hindered by the weight of the steel parts as they where welded together. I quite like the industrial oxidised look and it will hardly rust away anytime soon.